Professional Development

Continuing Education Units

Our Chapter provides a traveling Continuing Education Unit (CEU) each year. City Centers also provide at least one CEU during the year.

For more information on CEU’s available in your area check our calendar or contact your City Center Director.


Current compliance period: January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015

IIDA Professional and Associate Members are required to complete and report 1.0 CEU (10 hours) of Continuing Education prior to December 31, 2015. All Professional and Associate Members (active and inactive) including IIDA Fellows and Chapter Officers, must adhere to IIDA’s compliance requirements.


Effective July 1,  2011, the CE Registry will be an exclusive online benefit for active Certificate holders. No forms will be accepted after June 30, 2011. Read about this new benefit that is FREE for active Certificate holders.

Active Certificate holders can start reporting their CE activity at no cost now by logging into their MyNCIDQ account.


The CE Registry will be available in June 2012 – Click HERE to learn more.
A course approved for CEU credit by IDCEC is automatically accepted by ASID, IIDA and IDC. In addition, many regulatory jurisdictions recognize IDCEC approval, in total or in part, for state/provincial CEU requirements related to licensure.

All learners who belong to ASID, IIDA and IDC, and are required to fulfill the continuing education requirement, will be assigned a unique IDCEC number. They can use the central online registry to report attendance and obtain an official transcript of their CEU activity. Use of this registry is free for all learners who belong to ASID, IIDA and IDC.

Important IIDA Facts to Remember

  • IIDA’s compliance requirements are independent from individual state licensure continuing education requirements. Note: Some, but not all, courses may be submitted for consideration for both IIDA Membership compliance and your state requirement. IIDA encourages Members to contact your state licensing board or jurisdictional authority to verify acceptance of non-IDCEC approved Continuing Education programs.
  • IIDA does not post-date CEUs, so you must submit CEUs within one (1) month of attending the program.
  • Keep a copy of all CEU records including Individual Approval Reporting Forms and Certificates of Attendance/Completion. According to IIDA policy, Members may be requested to submit proof of course completion to IIDA Headquarters.
  • If you have questions regarding your Continuing Education status, contact NCIDQ to request a transcript of your records at 202.721.0220. Maintenance of CEU records is the responsibility of the individual IIDA Member.
  • 10 hours = 1.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Minimum course length for CEU registration is 1 hour. Courses are measured in whole hour increments only.